Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Modified Cindy Take 3

Yesterday we did a modified Cindy.  I have done this one before and it consists of:

For Time:
1 Clean & Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
2 Clean & Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
3 Clean & Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
… continue until you reach …
10 Clean & Jerk

I have done this one a couple of times before so have some data on it.

DateTimeClean and JerkPull upsPush ups
3/06/201324:37:0020Orange bandBench
17/02/201424:36:0025Orange bandBench

I did some fiddling with the numbers and graphed it:

I was pretty happy yesterday that my time was much the same but I had increased my weight by 5 kg ... and I wasn't really feeling it yesterday either.  It is very humid here at the moment and I'm feeling quite tired.  Luckily today's workout was pretty low key and I got a chance to play around with my ring muscle up transitions.

I decided to graph my Cindy times and scaling as well. I find it quite interesting how my scaling effects my overall score; as my scaling gets harder my score drops.  Now that I have done the hardest option I hope to see an improvement in my overall score.

Date Rounds Pull ups Push ups Squats Total Rounds Pull up Scaling Push up Scaling
3/07/2012 12 0 0 0 12 (15 min AMRAP) Jumping Knee
9/10/2012 16 0 0 0 16 Jumping Knee
27/02/2013 14 4 0 0 14.1 Purple band Bench
20/05/2013 13 0 0 0 13 Orange band Bench
14/02/2014 10 5 4 0 10.3 RXD RXD

We are doing a fundraiser at the moment for Walk In Her Shoes to support women and girls living in poverty.  We are attempting to walk 100 km in a week ... the catch is we are doing it carrying a sandbag.  Our sessions have finished a little early the last couple of days so a couple of us in the 6 am crew have done our bit by walking 1 km either as a team or singly. If we went out as a team it would still only count as 1 km so I chose to carry the sandbag myself the whole way.  To be honest it was really tough and my back and shoulders were screaming toward the end.  Today was a little easier as I think I had the bag across my shoulders slightly better but I was still glad to drop the bag after 1 km.  Doing something like this has made me grateful that I live in a country where I have water on tap and food that is plentiful.
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