Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy :-)

I rocked up this morning for 14.3, I had checked out all the tips for the workout online and had my trusty spreadsheet with the required weights for each set.  As usual I was really nervous as I could see the weight was going to get heavy really fast and I was a little worried for my back.

After some mobility work I set my weights up into piles so my transitions would run as smoothly as they could.  I decided not to use clips during the first couple of rounds as that was just another thing to take on and off but as I felt like I was only going to get 3 rounds I had the clips there for when the weight got heavy as I knew I would drop the weight.

My biggest mistake today was that I didn't believe in myself.  I didn't think that I would get past the third round and because of that I didn't have my weights laid out ... big mistake!  I got to the 4th round with a minute left on the clock and had to grab the weights and try to put them on and unfortunately ran out of time.  I'm sure I could have gotten a few reps out at 85 kg if I had my weights laid out.  I'm still happy with my score of 90 because, when you think about it, I did 20 reps at 70 kg which is 15 kg heavier than I weigh and that's pretty bloody awesome I reckon.
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