Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Same, Same

I went back yesterday to have another shot at 14.2.  Michelle, our Pilates coach, took me aside to give me some coaching with regard to my overhead squat.  I am so grateful that she took the time to help me out and yet again I was so close but not quite there.  There was once where I hit depth and she grabbed a registered judge and I tried again.  Unfortunately it wasn't to be as I didn't get it again last night.

Today's WOD was a strength day and I chose to just work on my squats again.  Nick gave me some great tips and the movement felt a little better than yesterday but again I couldn't hit depth.  Surprisingly I feel okay with it all.  I am proud of the fact that I kept trying despite failing over and over again.  The weight just got the better of me and there is no shame in that.  The positive is that I can set this at a goal and work towards it.

The disappointing thing for me is that I can't post a score of 0 so essentially the Open is over for me.  It will be unfortunate if the next workout is something I can do but I guess there's not an awful lot I can do about it.  I will still be attempting to RXD the workouts if I can and get judged as I still want the feeling of the Open.  I do believe that they have to make changes to the ranking system if they wish to continue sounding like the Open is inclusive because at the moment it isn't.  I am not complaining about the WOD itself; it's not about the movements or the weights, I personally don't have an issue with the fact that I couldn't lift it but I think that they should allow a score of 0.  Honestly, if someone gets a 0 in any workout they won't be going to Regionals as it is likely they will be toward the bottom of the pile.  If a person goes to the lengths of showing up, getting judged and is wanting to put it out into the world that they scored nothing then why not let them.
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