Monday, June 16, 2014

Baby Steps

Things are cruising along quite nicely at the moment.  This was Friday's WOD:

For Time
5 rounds of:
10 Deadlift 100/80kg
100 Double Unders
10 V-Ups
I was whinging and complaining about this one.  All those darn double unders!  I scaled the weight to 55 kg, the HSPU to box pikes, 25 double unders and v-ups.  I finished the WOD in 16:44 and after talking to Benito I should have scaled my double unders to 50 as I was one of the first to finish.  It felt like I have made some progress in this area.
Saturday's WOD was another doozy and I'm glad that my daughters didn't feel like going to this one as it was quite a big workout.
For Time
In Partners
10 rounds of:
150 m run
7 chest to bar pull ups
7 front squats (30 kg)
20 wall balls (6 kg)
* run must be together
* reps can be partitioned
I partnered up with the lovely Kara for this workout and we trained quite well together.  I chose to use the orange band for the pull ups, RXd for the front squats and wall balls and box pikes for the HSPU.  After a couple of round of struggling to reach the 9 ft line for the wall balls using the 6 kg ball, Benito suggested I switch to the 4 kg and go for the top line.  It's amazing what a difference 2 kg makes and I found my rhythm with the wall balls at this weight.  It's difficult when you are on the cusp of a weight; when 1 is too easy but the other is too hard.  We finished this WOD in 32:10 and I was absolutely shattered afterwards.
I normally do Pilates after the Saturday Ladies Class but as all the coaches, except for Benito, were away at a comp he chose to hold a gymnastics class instead with some core work thrown in at the end.  We worked on learning the kip and then doing kipping pull ups and moved onto handstands and handstand pushups.  My body was exhausted therefore my kipping pull ups were very lacklustre ... I couldn't even string 2 together but it was fun to work on the kip.
We then moved onto the handstands and I was worried about making a total goose out of myself as almost everyone else could kick up into a handstand but, like with everything at Crossfit, both Beni and my training partners were so encouraging and helped me get my feet up against the wall and placed their hands under my shoulders to spot me.  I was upside down!!!!  There was no way I felt comfortable with them taking their hands away or doing a push up but I felt my confidence increase and it got a little easier the more I did it.  I tried again yesterday at home and still can't kick up high enough but I feel encouraged by what we did on Saturday.
Today was finding my 1RM for my front squat.  I was a little disappointed as it hasn't changed that much since December (in fact it was a little under today).  I'm at a bit of a loss on how to improve my strength as it seems like such a slow process for me.  I have to admit that I haven't been tracking my food recently so maybe I'm undereating again or is it my age or do I just have the type of muscle that doesn't build strength easily?  It's both frustrating and disappointing but at the same time I'm not letting it get to me.
In between sets we had to do dumbbell box jumps.  I stacked plates for my box height and used 4 kg dumbbells.  This was more of a mental challenge but in hindsight I could have chosen heavier weights.
We finished the day with 100 m sprints which was fun.  I think I rather do that than the 1.6 km track we had to do last week.
My plan for this week is to improve my nutrition.  My week days are good but it falls apart on Friday night when we have friends over for nibblies and don't have a decent meal for dinner.  Needless to say my Saturday workouts are usually a struggle as I'm at the end of the training week and I make it worse by not eating properly.  One day I'll learn!

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