Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Teeny Tiny Baby Steps

5 rounds for max Load
Snatch Complex
Hang Power Snatch
Hang Squat snatch
Overhead Squat
Behind the Head Push Press
Overhead Squat
This was today's WOD.  I really have a hard time with the squat snatch which, I guess, is not that surprising seeing as my OHS is weak.  Again, I stuck with my 10 kg bar and worked on my power snatch and tried to get into a squat with the hang squat snatch.  Prior to the class I worked on my mobility and this helped my OHS significantly.
There are times when I really hate having to write up my scores for everyone to see.  With this particular workout we add up our weights for each set and multiply it by 5 therefore, for me, my score was (4x10+12.5)x5 which is a grand total of 262.5 kg.  I know I shouldn't compare with others, but I do and my scores were pitiful against the others that were posted.  What this score doesn't reflect is how much better I moved compared to last week.  I got to depth on the first attempt at my OHS and it felt really good.  Yes, I didn't manage a squat snatch but I'm making tiny steps in the right direction.
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