Friday, June 13, 2014

Some Positives

As I said yesterday, last night's WOD was a chance to work on my overhead squat.  I struggle to get depth in my squat because I drift onto my toes as I lower down.  I decided to keep the weight really low and work on technique, ensuring that activate the correct muscles during the entire squat.  It is a little depressing to look around at the box and know that I am only lifting a 10 kg bar but I feel like I need to do this to get better in the long run.

Kaelen, one of the coaches, was assessing me and noted that I still wasn't reaching full depth and when I said that I felt quite tight in my back he suggested some mobility work that I did between sets which involved 2 lacrosse balls made into a peanut and a 15 kg plate weight.  It seemed to free up my spine significantly and my next set I felt that I was actually hitting full depth.  HALLELUJAH!  The other thing that I tried to focus on was keeping my head neutral as I have a tendency of looking at the ground (and therefore tipping forward).

I think I'm way off hitting that magic number of 30 kg but I also feel better about the movement overall.

Next was a little met con finisher of 10 rounds of 10 air squats, 10 sit ups, 10 push ups.  Again, I worked on ensuring my squats were deep, my sit ups the full range of motion and my push ups touching the bench with my core activated for the entire 11:19.  Yep, I feel like I made a step forward yesterday.
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