Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I made the mistake of looking at the scores for yesterday's WOD and, as expected, my score was the lowest by a long way.  It was incredibly depressing to look at which meant that I spent the night beating myself up for being so incredibly bad at my overhead squat.  In fact, I'm pretty disappointed with all my squats as I feel like I should have progressed more than what I have.

Something that I have wondered when I do other exercises like power cleans, power snatch, jerks I don't tend to catch them in a partial squat ... I catch them in a straight leg position.  I wonder if that is hindering me in building strength and training those particular muscles to do what they are supposed to do.  I find when I do finish in a partial squat it exhausts me which is why I think is why I need to focus on it more.

The other exercises I'm working on to hopefully help my squat is my thrusters, wall balls and air squats.  I believe that there are times when I shorten the reps and I'm border-line hip crease below knee crease.  As I fatigue it's a struggle to get 'out of the hole' which leads me to not getting as deep in the squat.  I hope by focusing on my depth in those movements it will teach those explosive muscles to do what they have to do to complete the exercise and maybe (?) help me with my squat strength days.

Obviously, mobility fits in there as well and I wish I had more time in my day to spend on stretching and rolling out.

Today's WOD was the hero workout, Blake which is:

Four rounds for time of:
30m Overhead Walking Lunge 20/15kg
30 Box Jumps 24″
20 Wall Balls 10kg
10 Handstand Push ups
This is one we have done before and here are the stats:
Lunge Weight
Box Height
Wall Ball Weight
Floor Pike
Box Pike
I'm not sure if I did the full 4 rounds last year as there is quite a time discrepency although I'm happy with my lunge and handstand push up progression.  It was a tough workout and I was shattered afterwards but also felt quite good.
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