Friday, June 20, 2014

Exciting Times Ahead

I have a few things happening in the near future.  The first is having some weightlifting coaching with some Commonwealth Games coaches!  Crossfit Gladstone is starting up a weightlifting club and to start the ball rolling we are having a competition on Saturday and then small group coaching on Sunday.  I chose not to be part of the competition because, well, I don't want to make a complete dick of myself but after much thought I decided to sign up for a coaching session.  The last time I did a Oly lifting session it was with all the 'guns' of CFG and, to be honest, I felt really out of place and didn't get any feedback on my form.  I didn't really want to be the only "not quite a gun" to sign up.  I then thought to myself that there is only 1 way to improve and that is to ask for help so these poor coaches have to try and help me and all my uncoordinatedness learn the ways of Olympic lifting.  I can give you the hot tip that they are going to earn their money Sunday morning,

The other exciting thing on my radar is another local competition which will be a team competition this time.  There is another Crossfit Mum who is keen to do a competition and I asked another one of the girls with whom I have trained before and I know would be a great teammate.  I'm really excited as a team competition should be so much fun (I find this bizarre as I was always the person who hated team sports as a kid because I got so much flak for being so incredibly bad at stuff).  I think our team is quite even with regard to ability and in it just for the fun factor.  Can't wait!

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