Monday, June 23, 2014


Em, Jardan and Me Counting Down T's Reps
What a fantastic weekend!  Missy T and I did the ladies class on Saturday and I have to say she carried me a little through this WOD.  The workout itself was:

600 m sandbag run (we used a 5 kg plate)
50 clean and jerk (she used dumbbells, I did 25 kg)
50 pull ups (green band and orange band)
20 synchronised lateral bar burpees
50 wall balls (she used a volley ball, I did 4 kg)
50 box jump overs (16", I did step ups)
200 m KB farmer carry (we did 4 kg dumbbells)

She did so well and did the sandbag run and farmer carry with no complaints (she hates running), she did more pull ups than me (she loves pull ups) and killed the box jumps (the little toad loves box jumps as well).  I love this time with her and enjoy seeing her improve with each session.  I also love how both my girls are made to feel like they are one of the crew when they comes along to a session.

I then got to watch some of our local athletes compete in Gladdies first weightlifting competition in the afternoon.  It was so much fun to be part of the audience and, while I train with most of the people that competed, I didn't realise how strong some of them are.  It was amazing to watch.

Sunday morning was another early start as I attended a weightlifting coaching session with a couple of Commonwealth Games weightlifting coaches.  What an amazing experience!  Angela seemed to break down the movements in such a manner which really made sense to me and by the end I felt like I really made some headway with my lifting technique.  I still have so much to work on and I know that I have a few little bad habits that I need to train out of my movements.  The best thing that came out of yesterday was going from not being able to squat snatch (and barely being able to overhead squat) to getting into the bottom position with no dramas!!!  It was only with a 10 kg bar but what an amazing feeling it was!  So very happy!  The funny thing is that Angela said that I have quite good proportion for getting into the snatch and when I squat my back is quite upright which is just right ... I just need to work on my explosiveness so I can utilize it and improve my weights.
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