Monday, June 30, 2014

Saturday Insanity

I ended up having Friday off Crossfit as well last week as I wanted to spend some time with Mal (something we very rarely get to do).  It was nice to have a couple of days off the gym and I woke up on Saturday full of energy.

What does a girl do when she has energy to burn?  Well this silly girl decided to do back-to-back Crossfit sessions as both the normal WOD and the Ladies class looked like fantastic workouts AND then finish it off with the Pilates class!!

Both WODs were quite big with the programmed workout called Cindy's Meaner Twin.  It was a 30 minute AMRAP of:

Team of 2
5 chest to bar pull ups
10 handstand push ups
15 jump squats

Fortunately I was put into a team of 3 with 2 fabulous ladies, Timmy and Jardan.  Unfortunately, as we were in a team of 3, one person had to hold a plank while the others were working.  As you may know, Jardan is one of our coaches and Timmy is a fantastic athlete as well so it was both exciting and nerve-wracking to be put with these ladies and I hoped I wouldn't let them down.

It was tricky trying to spread the work evenly between the 3 of us and I think we were tripping over each other a little which was quite funny as we were all being so polite.  It was a tough workout but fun as well.

The ladies WOD was another goodie:

Team of 2:

600 m run
3 rounds barbell complex (each) 2 deadlifts, 3 hang power cleans, 4 push press and 5 back squats
50 double unders (between the partners)

400 m run
6 rounds bbc
100 double unders

200 m run
9 round bbc
150 double unders

This time I was paired up with the awesome Annie.  She is quite a bit stronger than me but she was happy to stick with 25 kg for the barbell complex.  We got up to the final round of this WOD finishing 6 rounds of the barbell complex before we reached the 30 minute cut off.  It was a really tough workout but, again, it was fun and we got to have just over 30 seconds to rest while our partner did the barbell work.

I have recovered quite well from all this work (although I think the nanna nap on Saturday afternoon really helped).  My legs are a little tender and I really felt them when I rode to work this morning but I'm not totally crippled which is nice.  Mind you, I doubt I'll be doing another triple header again any time soon.
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