Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Weightlifting Club

I decided to go to the weightlifting sessions over the school holidays.  It was loads of fun and more laid back than a strength class in CrossFit.  There was no pressure to stack the weights and get a PB, I just worked consistently on trying to get my technique right.

Shane was a fantastic coach and was encouraging but also gave some great feedback on how to improve.  I have so much to work on and, not surprising, I have quite a few things I need to iron out with my snatch but hopefully I made some headway.  My main issue with both the clean and the snatch is that the bar tracks out too far from my body.  The good part is that I can feel when I do it now I just need to fix it (without bringing in some other weirdo habit).

As much as I tend to focus on everything that is bad about my lifts, there were also some good things in my lifting as well.  I have a tendency to think of everything that I do wrong which then leads to me beating myself up for not being good enough but I'm also reminding myself of everything that I did correctly.

I think these few sessions will help my lifting immensely and will also give me the confidence I need in a few aspects of Crossfit.
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