Thursday, June 12, 2014

Working On Weaknesses

Today is overhead squat day.  My overhead squat is appalling hence why I'm looking forward to going this afternoon ... it gives me a chance to work on my weakness.  During the Open workouts I failed my 30 kg OHS and I have to admit I'm still smarting a little over it because I could have done the pull up portion of the WOD.  The beauty of this failure is that it gives me something to strive for ... a number to head towards.  I WANT that 30 kg OHS!  I also believe that by improving my OHS it will then flow onto my squat snatch.

Talking of weaknesses, I have sporadically been working on getting inverted as well as box jumps.  I purchased a box for home with the goal of practicing a little each day.  Life has a tendency of getting in the way and I have been a little hit and miss with my routine.  Likewise with my handstand practice but I'm happy to report that I'm holding a headstand for a reasonable length of time.  Overall, I'm making baby steps towards these 2 goals.
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