Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Today was a big one.  First we did some mobility which I desperately needed as my hips are so tight at the moment and then we got stuck into the WOD:

5 rounds for time:

80 double unders
50 lunges
20 burpees
10 handstand push ups

35 minute cut off

I chose to scale the double unders to 40 as I wanted to complete the workout and HSPU were scaled to box pikes.

I cruised through the first set of double unders and when I got to the lunges my quads were screaming at me.  Oh My God!  It was only the first round!  I just chipped away at the reps and was frustrated with how slow I was going.  It seemed to take forever to get through my burpees and I think every round I was surprised at how long it was taking me ... I would get to the 10th rep and think that it should be 15 not 10!

The HSPU were especially tough today which is most probably because my shoulders were tired from double unders and burpees.  I regretted my scaling fairly early on and was wishing I had gotten an ab mat as a depth finder.

I finished the WOD with 3 seconds to spare and was absolutely spent ... I hope we get to do it again sometime!
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