Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Today was one of the girls, Annie.  I have done this one before in April last year so have some data to compare against:

Date Time
8/04/2013 12:00
8/07/2014 9:50
Overall, I was pretty stoked with this workout.  I actually got a PR with my double unders getting 36 in a row!  The thing that let me down today was my pelvic floor muscles as I had to stop a few times to compose myself.  I think pilates has helped immensely in this area with regard to activating my core and all those little muscles in that area. I have improved a lot with regard to this since I first started Crossfit.

The thing I was most happiest with is the fact that double unders usually fatigue me and normally I would be sucking in the air but I didn't notice that at all today.  I think the last month of conditioning workouts have been great for my work capacity.

We also did split jerks today.  I was really looking forward to this so I could to put into practice what I have been doing in weightlifting.  I finished the session feeling a little defeated but also got some fantastic feedback on how I can improve.  I have a tendency to beat myself up for not getting things right but once I go away and process it I realise that it's something I can work on and get better.

I was feeling much the same way during weightlifting class last night.  I felt like I wasn't making any headway and making the same mistakes over and over but I know that I'm having to change certain movements that I have been doing for months or years and it will take time.  I really wish that I could do the 12 week weightlifting program just to see if I can improve over that time.

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