Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Today was a frustrating day at the box.  Split jerks were programmed in again as a barbell complex of squat clean, front squat, push press and split jerk.  I tend to shorten my split when I start increasing the weight so I stuck with just the bar after a piss poor attempt at 25 kg.  My goal for today is to not look at the scores tonight as my total scores was pathetic and I know that it will make me depressed to look at it.

I know I shouldn't compare but I also know that I'm stronger than some of the girls at the gym but my Oly lifting is worse because my movement is off.  I rely on my strength to get me through but that only gets me so far and as a result I'm lagging behind everyone at the gym.  Anyway, I'll keep chipping away, posting crappy scores and hopefully at some point my body and head will connect and I'll improve but sometimes that seems like it's a lifetime away.
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