Monday, July 07, 2014


I have had a couple of Crossfit sessions off over the last few days.  I had increased my exercise last week to accomodate the weightlifting classes but ended the week with a tired, aching body.  The girls had a dancing workshop on the weekend which meant I had to give the ladies class a miss.  I wanted to do the 7 am class but my body needed to sleep.  Instead I dragged my hubby along to pilates.

I'm so proud of him giving pilates a go.  He was very nervous before the class and I could see he was struggling with a few of the movements (we all were!) but he stuck with it and at the end he commented that he felt pretty good and one move in particular really freed up his shoulders.

I woke up this morning ready to go to Crossfit and decided to give it a miss. I feel like the girls are going to go back to school next week and we will be back into the swing of netball, dancing and cello and I'll be worn out from burning the candle at both ends over the last couple of weeks.  I know I can't maintain a hectic pace of Crossfit, walking the dog and weightlifting as well as maintaining a household and I don't want to fall in a heap because I have burnt myself out.  Crossfit will take the backseat while I focus on these weightlifting classes this week.

On another note, I have 2 weeks before competing in our local crossfit team competition.  Some of the movement standards have been released and it caused a little meltdown on my behalf.  There will be bar facing burpees in amongst it.  I did the 14.5 WOD and got away with jumping over the end of the bar (which is slightly higher than the middle of the bar due to its thickness) but I doubt I will be able to do that for this competition.  I was in tears when I saw it because I don't want to let down my teammates.  I have been practicing my jumping at home and I know I can jump over the bar.  I have just under 2 weeks to get more comfortable with the movement ... I can do it!
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