Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Today was Fran day.  I really wasn't looking forward to it and contemplated giving it a miss but how could I skip a benchmark workout?

First we warmed up with some mobility and spent 20 minutes working up to a heavy thruster.  I had no energy today and was struggling cleaning up the weight at 27.5 and 30 kg.  I told myself to suck it up and kept putting on weight ... next thing I realised I got a PB!  37.5 kg thruster!  Where the hell did that come from?

There are times when I wish I could do workouts RXD as I sometimes find it hard to settle on my scaling.  I want to improve with regard to my scaling but at the same time I don't want to get cut off.  I thought I did 25 kg thrusters the last time I did Fran so really wanted to do 27.5 kg but was worried that it may be a bit heavy and as much as I want to get off the bands I'm still smarting from my pull ups from the weekend therefore I chose to do the orange band again.  I settled for 27.5 kg with the mindset that I would be okay if I got cut off.

As always with Fran, it was really tough.  My entire body was like jelly in the 15 round and I found it hard to clean the bar in my final round of thrusters.  It always amazes me how the brain works.  Every single part of me wanted to give up but I kept on lifting that bar, breaking it up into sets of 2, fighting that desire to quit.  I finished it in 9:03.

It wasn't until I logged my workout when I got home that I realised that I had actually increased my thruster weight by 5 kg not 2.5 kg!  I'm so close to doing it RXD I can taste it!

Date Time Thruster Weight (kg) Pull up Option
19/09/2012 4:20 (reps 15, 12, 9) 15 Blue Band
21/12/2012 8:50 17.5 Green Band
27/05/2013 7:20 15 Orange Band
13/01/2014 8:13 22.5 Orange Band
22/07/2014 9:03 27.5 Orange Band

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