Monday, July 28, 2014


We finally got our ranking for the EFL team comp and I'm happy to say that we didn't come last!  I actually didn't have an issue with coming last to be honest ... someone has to be in that spot.  The results actually highlighted a couple of things.

  • I shouldn't have rowed first as my split time was slower than everyone else's.
  • I held the girls back in the swim WOD as I was so slow
  • I'm still really proud of the chipper WOD.  We came last in this one but I'm so proud of the fact that we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone and did RXD.
I'm in no way disappointed in our efforts for this competition, in fact, I'm incredibly proud of us.
On Saturday we held a fundraiser for a young girl who is raising money for Spina Bifida.  She will be taking part in a 5 km run/wheel in a few weeks time and a couple of coaches wanted to help her get some more donations.  She and her mum joined the Ladies Class and she joined myself, Moo and Missy T to make up a team.  What an inspirational kid!  Obviously she had to modify the movements as she was unable to do things like squats but she still did ring rows (instead of pull ups), push ups instead of the squats, sit ups instead of v ups and shoulder press instead of swings.  It was a fabulous morning and I'm glad my girls were lucky to meet such an amazing kid.
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