Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hmmmmm ....

I woke this morning feeling marginally better but still way off 100%.  I've packed my gym clothes with the idea of going in after work but I don't think I will do the WOD but rather I'll go in and work on some things for the weekend.

I was wondering if it was a coincidence that I have gotten sick after increasing my workouts over the holidays by incorporating the weightlifting sessions.  Maybe my body can't cope with the extra work and, in hindsight, I should have cut the Crossfit classes while I was doing weightlifting.  The frustrating part for me is most of the girls that are doing the weightlifting also do the normal crossfit classes and in some cases they throw in the pilates and mobility classes as well.  And these girls are progressing so much faster than me which makes me feel like I need to do the same to keep up.  Unfortunately, my body can't keep up and nor should it.  Crossfit is only 1 aspect of my life and as much as I love it I also need to ensure I have ample rest and recovery to make sure that I don't get sick and not try and keep up with people 10 - 20 years younger than me.
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