Thursday, July 17, 2014


Last night I went into the gym to practice a few things for the competition.  I was concerned about the bar facing burpees and it feels like forever since I have done any unassisted pull ups. 

I can't believe how many people were there yesterday afternoon and they were doing their own thing.  I just wanted a little corner to myself where no-one was watching what I was doing but unfortunately that wasn't going to happen.  I procrastinated quite a bit by doing mobility and chatting.  I set up a bar which was then needed for the class.  I then went outside where someone else had a bar set up and just jumped over it.  It was easy!  I don't get why I had a problem with it.

I practiced my pull ups and they felt good too.  I'm glad that I went in yesterday as it has really helped my confidence going into the competition ... now to just get well.
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