Thursday, July 03, 2014

So Very Tired

I'm absolutely exhausted today.  As much as I wanted to do the normal CrossFit class this morning I chose to do mobility instead as my body is aching.  It was nice to take it back a notch and spend an hour stretching, rolling and flossing.

I'm finding it hard to switch my brain off when I get home from weightlifting in the evening therefore I'm going to bed a bit later and then laying there thinking about things.  I might start having my relaxation tea again of an evening just to help me switch off and my plan is to get to bed early tonight.

Weightlifting is going really well and I think I have made some progress with regard to my snatch, jerk and OHS.  I think the fact that I have done some of these movements in both sessions and during each session I'm doing them over and over I can only improve.  I wish I could continue on with it when the school holidays are over but I feel like I have barely seen my family the last few days.  In the meantime I'm going to soak in as much information as I can and hopefully it will help me in the normal CrossFit classes.
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