Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Little Wins

I found it hard to get to the gym this morning.  I know that I live in Queensland and our winters are quite mild compared to lots of other places but I would have rather stayed snuggled up in bed today rather than braving the cold and getting my butt to the box.  It didn't help that today's WOD was max height seated box jumps and then a little finisher of box jumps, burpee bar touches, kettlebell swings and a run.  The other factor to consider was that I'm heading back there tonight to do another weightlifting session.  So many things to talk me out of going but I dragged my chunky squatters arse out the door and to the car.

To be honest I felt sick at the thought of box jumps today.  I didn't want people to judge me as I stacked the plates while they are jumping on 20 - 30"+ boxes.  The stupid thing is that no-one ever does, everyone is encouraging or better yet, they don't even acknowledge what I'm doing.  They know that I'm just doing what I have to do.  I stacked the weights, fairly low at first and slowly built them up.  Every single time I started a new set I would baulk and skip onto the plates but from the second rep I would land it each time.  I didn't reach box height but I wasn't far off.  I didn't measure my height as I was a little embarassed about putting my pathetically low height up there for all to see but it wasn't too far off 12".  It's not great but it's progress albeit very small.  I wish I had bumpers at home so I could practice more as I only have my step or a 12" box.

We then went onto the met con finisher and I stripped off my trackie dacks and jumper as I know I would warm up pretty quickly.  I was mistaken!  I absolutely froze on the run as I was only wearing a singlet and 3/4 leggings.  I was glad to get home and fill my belly with some warm oats and have a hot shower.
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