Monday, July 21, 2014

Team Comp Done!

Yesterday myself and 2 other ladies competed in the Elite Fitness League Competition in Rocky.  It was an early start, having to register at 7'ish which meant Kara and I had to get in the car at around 5:30 to make it up in time.  CQ has been going through a bit of a cold spell at the moment and I was not happy to see the outside temperature on our trip up was 0degC.

Our first WOD was:

Indian File
500 m row
2 rounds of:
5 shoulder to overhead (30 kg)
7 back squats
9 bar facing burpees
400 m run
14 minute time cap

I found this difficult to strategize as we, as a team, have never actually trained together and therefore it was difficult to see who would go first, second and third.  I think we are all quite similar in speed on the row and run but in hindsight perhaps we should have put Kara in first as she ended up with the best row time.  We were cut off in this one which smarted a little because we scaled the weight to 22.5 kg but I was pretty happy with how we went.  It was so hard to breathe in the cold air and I still felt weak after being sick.

We went from this workout to an unknown WOD that had to be done at some point throughout the day.  This one involved:

Indian File
10 push ups
10 air squats
50 m swim

I was the weakest swimmer so decided to go first.  The pool was heated and in full sun so it was actually really pleasant.  I was so worried about being cold.  The other girls smashed their swim ... so proud of them.

The next workout was:

0 - 3 min hang clusters
3 - 5 min push ups
5 - 8 min hang clusters
Max pyramid push up hold

We decided on 25 kg for our cluster weight and did it in sets of 5 before changing.  The other girls don't normally do toe push ups so they attempted sets of 5 while I did sets of 10.  I was so happy with my push ups yesterday!  I think, though, it burnt me out a little for the push up hold but was stoked that we held for 1 min and 3 sec.

The last WOD was a chipper.

30 pull ups
4 seated sled drag (30 kg plates)
45 goblet squats (16 kg)
3 sled drag
60 KB swings (16 kg)
2 sled drag
75 deadlifts
1 sled drag

I may have overestimated my pull up ability ... or maybe my ability to do pull ups after 3 other workouts.  I was happy to step up and do the majority of the pull ups so we didn't have to scale to burpee bar touch and then I lost my kip.  I'm not sure if I was just fatigued or the fact that it was a new pull up rig and therefore felt slippery but I ended up doing the majority of the pull ups strict.  Not a good idea when there are 30 of the suckers.  Kara stepped up when she needed to but she was struggling as well.  Everyone else finished their pull ups and we were still battling on.  I was both disappointed in myself but also found the funny side to it as it would have looked pretty funny me doing the running man in the air trying to get my chin over that bar.  We had a crowd just willing us on, cheering when we got a rep and groaning in disappointment with every no rep.  It was a relief when we finally finished the reps.

Karla kicked into gear and smashed out the 4 sled drags to give Kara and I a rest.  I was so happy with how we went in the rest of the chipper.  My arms and shoulders were fried and I asked the girls to take over my kettlebell swings as I didn't think I would be able to get it overhead safely.  I feel lucky to have 2 awesome teammates who helped me out when I needed it.

Overall, it was a fantastic day.  It was lots of fun and I feel so grateful to be part of an amazing community where an old chook like me can experience a competition and feel like I belong there.

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