Monday, August 11, 2014

A Catch Up

Friday's WOD was 3 x 400 m runs (with a 3 min rest in between) and 3 x 500 m row (again with 3 min rests) and finished off with a 3 min AMRAP of overhead sit ups with a med ball.  I nearly didn't go for this workout.  I knew that I was going to have the worst times of the day and not just by a couple of seconds.  It can get a little depressing always being the slowest but I'm proud of the fact that I showed up and got it done.  On the plus side, I am consistent with my first run/row being the same time as my last therefore I don't flog myself on the first run and then subsequently die.  That's got to count for something, right??

My girls and I went along to the ladies session on Saturday.  It was an awesome WOD that consisted of:

Team of 3

100 deadlifts
100 hang power cleans
100 push press
100 back squats
100 chest to bar pull ups

I'm so proud of how my girls went in this workout.  Moo chose to use a 10 kg bar for all the movements and her form was immaculate throughout the WOD.  She did have a mini-meltdown when she whacked her chin in the push press but she continued on.  She scaled to ring rows for the pull up section and I could tell she was a little down because she wants to progress onto the bands but she really needs to build that strength particularly as chest to bar is so much harder.  She and her sister compete against each other but Moo has her strengths and Missy T's strengths are different because she is so slight.

We pushed T to progress to 3 kg dumbbells for this WOD, intially she grabbed the 2 kg weights and she coped fine with it.  Of course, she rocked her pull ups and if they weren't chest to bar I think she could progress in her band selection.  T was our counter for the workout and she made sure that we were all doing the required reps and I appreciate that she took on that role so I could talk the girls through their movements.

My scaling was 50 kg for deadlifts, 30 kg for cleans, 25 kg for push press and back squat and orange band for pull ups.  It was tough but doable even though Jardan no-repped me 5 times for doing push jerk instead of push press.  The amusing thing is that when I have to push jerk I push press!  What the ...?  As frustrating as it is I appreciate it when my coaches no rep me or give me verbal cues as it makes me a better athlete in the long run.

Today's WOD was the benchmark workout 'Murph'.  A toughie of:

1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1 mile run

We could do it in partners or individual.  I chose to do it on my own but with modified reps.  I scaled the run to 800 m, 70 pull ups (orange band), 150 push ups (bench) and 200 squats.  My foot and ankle have been a bit sore after Friday's WOD which I'm putting down to not wearing my normal shoe on Friday.  I stupidly decided to wear my joggers instead of my Nanos and now my arch and ankle are quite sore.  I could have scaled to rowing but that would have burnt out my shoulders and upper body.

I was so happy with this workout.  I divvied the reps up so I had to do 10 rounds.  As expected the push ups were the hardest and I remember wondering in round 3 if I was going to make it.  It was a case of just chip away at the reps and try to have short rests.  I was happiest with my pull ups as I feel like I've found my groove with them again.  The only problem is I keep on getting friction burn on my stomach from the band!  My time (I think) was 32:24.

Overall, a few good days at the box :-)
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