Friday, August 08, 2014

Some Positives

Lately in FB land there has been a 3 positives a day challenge.  I'm finding it good for my psyche to focus on things that I'm grateful for even if it is minor.  With that in mind, I'm finding I'm writing a lot about how I've lost my mojo ... it's time to highlight the good things.

Last night we did OHS for strength and form and then finished with an EMOM.  I was really pleased with the strength portion of the workout as I ended up doing 3 reps at 22.5 kg and it felt like much better form than the last time I did that weight.  In between set we had to do strict pull ups which I was doing with 2.5 kg weight added ... gotta be happy about that!

The final portion we had to do 7 OHS on the first minute and then 35 double unders on the second minute for 14 minutes.  As the beginners had the 10 kg bars I had to do this one with the 15 kg barbell.  I found it hard to get depth in my squat as fatigue set in and was a little frustrated but at the same time I was happy that I pushed myself out of the comfort zone of doing the 10 kg bar.

The other day when we had to do wall balls I did 20 unbroken.  Although there were a few girls doing 8 or 6 kg, I stuck with my 4 kg and served my team a lot better by getting a lot of repetitions out.

These things can't be seen on the whiteboard or the MyWOD app because they aren't PBs and they aren't big weights but, you know what, I'm damn proud of what I do in the gym.
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