Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Where Have All My PBs Gone?

Today we did our 1RM deadlift.  It has been awhile since I've gone for my deadlift 1RM as I think I was unwell the last time we did it.  It was in the back of my mind that I wanted to equal or better my PB of 100 kg and set up my progressions to reach that weight by the time I hit the final reps.

I slowly increased my weights and hit 95 kg and my form was atrocious.  I got the weight up but it wasn't pretty and, as much as wanted to I chose not to go for 100 kg.  A PB isn't worth hurting myself and, to be honest, I'm okay with it.  We had a tough WOD yesterday with Murph and I'm a little tender from the push ups.  I know that often I can't back up when I have done a hard workout the day before and considering how tired I am after this morning's session I can feel that I gave it everything I had.

I'm still at a loss as to where all my 1RMs have gone as I haven't reached them in awhile in several different movements but at the same time I need to look at the bigger picture.  So many things can affect my training: how I slept; nutrition; previous day's training; the list can go on.  I just got to keep swimming.
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