Monday, August 18, 2014

A Great Start To The Week

We did another hero workout this morning and it was a doozy.  It was:

For Time:
Run 1600 meters
15 Muscle-Ups
15 Deadlifts (125kg/85kg)
Run 1200 meters
10 Muscle-Ups
10 Deadlifts (125kg/85kg)
Run 800 meters
5 Muscle-Ups
5 Deadlifts (125kg/85kg)
I wasn't really looking forward to this one and was tempted to give it a miss but, as usual, I was glad that I made the effort.
The run wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but I guess I didn't exactly set a cracking pace.  My scaling for the muscle ups was chest to ring pull ups and ring dips with the orange band.  I tried to focus on my kipping for the pull ups but this is still an area that I need to work on as I wasn't quite getting high enough and was not quite reaching the rings with my chest.  The ring dips were a little too easy with the orange band but I'm not sure if I'm ready to go unassisted with so many reps.  My deadlift weight was 60 kg which was tough but doable if I broke the reps up into sets of 5.  Again, I really need to focus on keeping the weight close and setting my back.
I completed the workout in 32:04 and was pretty happy with this time.  Certainly not the fastest of the day but I feel like I challenged myself with my scaling and I tried to keep moving as much as I could.
Saturday's ladies class was another great workout.  Miss T had ballet exam prep after the class so she decided to give the wod a miss therefore it was just Moo and I for the partner workout.  The WOD was:
25 min AMRAP
Teams of 2
600 m Run (together)
50 Power Snatches (30 kg)
400 m Run
60 Stationary OH Lunges (15 kg)
200 m Run
70 Plate Burpees
100 m Run
80 KB Swings (16 kg)
Moo's scaling was 4 kg dumbbell snatches, 5 kg OH lunges and 4 kg KB swings.  My scaling was 20 kg snatches and 12 kg KB swings as there were no 16 kg kettlebells left.
Due to Moo playing cricket, she hasn't come along to as many partner WODs as Missy T ... when she does come along T is usually there as well.  Like so many facets of their personalities, my daughters are very different to train with and I found that Moo needs a lot more encouragement and validation than T.  Where T has gotten frustrated with me in the past for talking too much, Moo stopped moving altogether when I didn't count every rep or gave her feedback on how she was going.  As a result I know I got a bit flustered when she stopped to ask how many burpees she had done after 1 rep as I just wanted her to keep moving!
We didn't finish this workout and I tried my hardest to get as many kettlebell swings in in the dying seconds but I only managed to get 4.  My lesson was that different partners may need different things from me.  Some people may need more feedback, others may prefer me to not talk at all and to be a good partner I should try and read my teammates to see what they require.  Obviously, it is easier with adults because, well, I'm not their mother!  And perhaps my girls would be different if they trained with other people (Moo may step up and T may not lose her temper as she has in the past) but then it doesn't hurt me to learn from training with my daughters on how to treat others during a WOD.
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