Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another Good Day

Today we did some more strength training, working on our strict press.  We had to work at a percentage of our 1RM with the last set being 3 reps at 85%.  It feels like it has been awhile since we have done a strict press so my partner and I started at 25 kg but when we looked around we noticed all the other girls only lifting at around 20 kg .... hmmm, maybe we got a bit excited with our weights.  We plugged away anyway and finished our last set at 32.5 kg.  Neither of us could get all 3 reps at this weight but we managed to do 2.  My previous 1RM for strict press is 32.5 kg so to do 2 reps at this weight means a PB for me.  I was so happy!

We then did a little WOD of:

8 min AMRAP
4 wall walks
8 burpee box jump overs
16 alternating pistols

This was a fun little workout and I managed to get 3 rounds + 4 wall walks and 5 burpee box jump overs.  My scaling was: inch worm on a 20 kg plate for wall walks, a couple of plates for the box jumps and pistols holding a pole.

Our finisher was then a maximum handstand walk or handstand hold.  I bit the bullet and asked Tina and Tracey to help me get up into the handstand and I managed to hold it for a few seconds.  It's been a slow old process but when I look back I can see how much I have improved.  In the past I would avoid gymnastics WODs and then I built up the confidence to actually go but I would often just sit and watch the others do handstands.  After awhile I tried kicking up, after that I was brave enough to get the coaches to grab my legs and get me upside down.  That was a colossal failure as I collapsed in a big heap.  Many months after that experience, Beni tried that with me again but held me under the shoulder as I was upside down and I begged him not to let me go.  Today, the girls grabbed my legs but didn't hold onto me and I held myself there.  I freaked out after a few seconds but in reality I was holding strong, I just need to trust myself.  Now to learn how to kick up.  Is that a confidence thing?  Maybe, maybe not.  I don't feel like my legs have the power to kick up that high.  I guess practice makes perfect.
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