Friday, August 22, 2014


This girl workout is also known as the "3 bars of death" and for good reason:

Reps of:
Dead-Lift @ 150% of BW
Bench Press @ BW
Squat Clean @ 75% of BW
Here are my stats:
Date Time Deadlift Weight (kg) Bench Press Weight (kg) Clean Weight (kg)
11/10/2013 20:32 50 25 20
21/08/2014 22:46 60 30 25
As usual, my time increased with the weight increase.  Not ideal as my goal is to increase my weight and maintain or better my time.  It was difficult as we had to share equipment as there are not enough barbells and benches to go around.  The plan was that person 1 started, then 30 seconds after person 2 started as the first person should be onto the bench press by that time and then 30 seconds after person 2, person 3 started.  There were a few moments when we would have to wait for a person to finish to go onto the next exercise plus I would have to change the weights for my bench press as I lifted 5 kg heavier than my teammates.  In saying that, having someone coming up behind me pushed me along and I found I didn't rest as much as I may have normally as I didn't want to hold up the girls following me.
This was a really, really hard workout.  The deadlifts were super tough and with them and the squat clean I found I finished the workout with a really tight lower back.  The bench press was fine but by the end I needed help getting it in and out of the rack.  Luckily another lady had finished so she stood there and spotted us.
I woke up this morning exhausted and emotional.  I should have taken today off but went to the gym and luckily the WOD wasn't as bad as it looked on paper but I'm sitting here close to smoko time craving honey sandwiches and caffeine which is an indication that I'm really low on energy so perhaps the day off may have been a better option.  Early to bed tonight methinks!
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