Monday, August 04, 2014

I Just Cherry Picked A WOD

Or at least I feel like I did.  Today's WOD was an unknown but the hint was that it was "games inspired". Everything was pointed to it being the Triple 3 which is a 3 km row, 300 double unders and 3 mile run.  Yuk!  I managed to talk myself out of going.

  • I have a cleaner come on Mondays and I needed to tidy the house a bit before she came. (This is never usually an issue)
  • My calf was sore yesterday (It actually doesn't feel too bad today)
  • I couldn't see me finishing in time and get home to get the kids ready for school.  (I'm sure we would have scaled accordingly)
  • I've been tired lately and could use a day off. (True.  But my lower back has been sore because I spend a large amount of time at a desk ... exercise is the perfect reason for me to get off my butt and stand for a period of time).
Maybe it was more the case of I didn't want the suck-fest of running, rowing and double unders.  Whatever the excuse, I attacked a couple of messy areas in the house that desperately needed attention.  My dogging a workout was not for nothing.

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