Monday, August 25, 2014

Sigh ...

Today was an overhead squat day with a rowing finisher.  Really?  Two movements that I suck at the most together.  Bugga!

My back and hips have been really tight since 'Linda' last week so I wasn't holding much hope for my OHS today.  I had a plan of where I wanted to get to but I wasn't feeling confident which was a good thing because I fell way short of my goal weight.  Despite feeling a little frustrated overall I feel okay.  I asked Jardan to watch to see if I hit depth and corrected it which is a step forward with regard to my technique.  I attempted 22.5 kg which is a weight I did a few weeks ago but just couldn't get depth.  The difference is the last time was on a Thursday afternoon after spending 40 - 45 minutes on mobility before the lesson and this morning I did the warm up and rolled in between sets when I should have been doing a plank hold.  I know I need to work on my mobility if I'm going to attempt these movements and I need to do it every day.  If I have an early class I should be doing stretching and rolling the night before.
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