Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Modified Cindy

Modified Cindy:

[Part A]
Spend 15min
Warming up your Clean and Jerk
[Part B]
For Time:
1 Clean & Jerk 62.5kg/40kg
1 Round of Cindy
2 Clean & Jerk 62.5kg/40kg
1 Round of Cindy
3 Clean & Jerk 62.5kg/40kg
1 Round of Cindy
etc: Until
10 Clean & Jerk 62.5kg/40kg
1 Round of Cindy
We have done this workout a few times before so I have some data to compare:
Date Time Clean and Jerk Pull ups Push ups
26/10/2012 18:21:00 15 Jumping Knee
3/06/2013 24:37:00 20 Orange Band Bench
17/02/2014 24:36:00 25 Orange Band Bench
25/08/2014 22:42:00 25 Unassisted Unassisted

I decided recently that I need to get off the bands for pull ups and deal with the fact that I will get poor scores while I get some strength and technique.  I was a little nervous before I started this workout as we had a 30 minute cut off but I decided that I would be okay that if it were to happen.  I chose to keep my weight the same as my previous attempt with the idea that I would go lighter in weight but choose harder options for the bodyweight component.

Obviously, I needn't have worried about it as I beat my previous time by almost 2 minutes.  I am absolutely stoked!  I need to work harder on my push up technique as I was snaking a fair bit and, of course, my pull ups could improve as some may have been borderline BUT I am so, so, so happy that I chose a harder scaling AND took minutes off my time!

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