Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Year Older

Yup, it was my birthday yesterday ... the big 43!  It just so happened that we had a Ladies Afternoon on Saturday afternoon as a fundraiser for the kindy where my girls went.  It was a fun few hours with friends and a chance to get frock up.  My darling husband bought me a dress to wear as an early birthday present, the unfortunate thing was there was another lady in exactly the same dress sitting at my table!!!  Nevermind, it didn't stop me from having a good time and I still love the dress :-)

Yesterday was a fairly low key affair and I was happy just to go out for breakfast and lounge around all day.  Mal cooked a delicious roast dinner and Moo baked me some peanut butter biscuits.  She knows me so well!

I was back at the gym this morning for a fun partner workout.  The WOD was:

In Partners
6 x 300m run
(3 laps each, relay style)
For time:
8 rounds each
1 Muscle up
2 Power Snatch (70kg/50kg)
3 Strict HSPU
4 Burpee box jumps (30″/24″)
* Partners go round for round.
We had a team of 3 with Leanne and Tracey working at the same time as Tracey and I were using the same barbell.  I chose to do ring pull ups and ring dips, 20 kg snatch, box pike and plates for the box jumps.
The plates I used were: 2 x 20 kg and 1 x 15 kg.  This should equate to 8".  After a couple of rounds I decided to throw a 5 kg plate on which would have taken it to 9" but I kept on skipping so in the last round I took it off.  I'm a little disappointed in myself as I am not making my progress is so slow but I guess it's better than no progress at all, surely?

I wish I recorded my plates a little better in the past as it is hard to see my progression but I managed to find a little history.  I think I was hoping to be onto the box by now but, alas, it hasn't happened.  It is, however, important to focus on the positives and I guess the positive is that I have made some headway with my jumping.

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