Friday, September 12, 2014

Squats, Squats and More Squats

Today's WOD:

[Part A]
Back Squat
6 reps @ 60%
4 reps @ 70%
2 reps @ 80%
6 reps @ 70%
4 reps @ 80%
2 reps @ 90%
6 reps @ 80%
4 reps @ 80%
[Part B]
For time:
30-20-10 reps of:
Back Squats (60kg/40kg)
Pull Ups
I really enjoyed today's workout which is a little surprising because I wasn't feeling up to it as I was getting ready.  Today was my 3rd 5 am class and I'm shattered.  I'm not sure if I could maintain it next year which is a shame because today was a nice small class, just the way I like it.
I had calculated all my weights for today.  My 1RM for back squat is 57.5 kg but I decided to calculate from 60 kg as I want to get a little stronger and with that in mind my weight were:
60% - 35 kg
70% - 42.5 kg
80% - 48 kg
90% - 55 kg
I'm used to incrementing my weights by 2.5 kg so was amused when I did my first 70% and was surprised at how heavy it felt, likewise for the 80% but when I went back to those weights after doing the heavier sets they didn't feel too bad.
We had Nick coaching today and he noticed on my first set at 80% that I tend to favour my right side (which is understandable since I'm right handed) and am using the strength in that leg to push the weight up.  I need to focus on keeping the weight even and driving with both legs.  And, as usual, I need to focus on my depth as I get to just under parallel.  I find it intriguing because I think I'm getting depth but I'm just a little short of hitting it.
The finisher was a tough little WOD (all the short ones are).  The squat had to be taken from the ground so cleaned and then lifted over my head to be placed on my shoulders and this was the limiting factor.  With that in mind, I chose to lift 27.5 kg.  There were a lot of pullups but at the same time I want to get off the orange band.  After speaking to Nick I chose the newer red band which is really thin but still gives a little bit of assistance.  I need to work on driving my hips up because I tend to use my legs and I wonder if that's from using the bands because I would lift my legs and kick against the band to bounce me up over the bar.  Something to work on and it's great to get these little tips.

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