Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Snatch Day

The movement that I struggle with the most and I'm determined not to let it get the better of me.

I had to go to the 5 am class this morning as Missy T was selected to be part of the combined strings orchestra and is going to play at all the schools in the district for the next few days.  It means an early start for her every day which then rolls onto an earlier than normal start for me.  I actually see it as a good chance to trial the 5 am classes as I may have to change my class times next year when both the girls are in high school and catch the bus just after 7 am.  I'm seeing it as a chance to start work earlier and getting home while it's still daylight.  I'm just not sure if I want to start getting up at 4 am to allow me to go to the gym in the morning or maybe going to the afternoon classes which are busier and I still won't be getting home until after 5:30 pm.  I actually don't feel too bad for getting up so early but the black circles under my eyes are telling another story.

The beauty of going to a different time slot is that we had a different coach.  I love my 6 am class and adore Jardan as she always gives me things to work on but it is nice to get a different view point.  Something that I do in the snatch is loop the weight out instead of keeping it close to my body.  I've been told this many times by various coaches and have been trying to correct it but Coach Dave gave me some tips on how I was pulling the weight up from the deadlift position.  After a couple of incredibly uncoordinated attempts I understood what he was trying to tell me.  Sometimes it helps if there is a different spin put onto the coaching.

No PB for me today but I'm so tired and sore from yesterday.  To be honest, I'm happy to continue to work on my technique with the snatch as I feel like if I continue to lift with my current form I will keep the bad habits that I have developed.  I find it hard to change what I do.

We then finished with a 6 min metcon of 60 med ball cleans, 30 pistols and 15 push ups.  I normally use the pole to help my balance with the pistols but I think I'm relying on it too much and am not building leg strength as I'm pulling myself up.  Today I used the box as a depth finder.  I started with 16" but I threw a bumper on there as my legs were fried from the cleans.  It was a fun little workout to finish off the day.
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