Thursday, September 11, 2014


I have been tired this week and actually thought about giving the gym a miss but split jerks were on the menu and I really need to work on these.  I was actually happy with how I went today.  Often when I'm this tired my coordination goes out the window.  We had to perform 1 push press and 1 strict press every 2 minutes and I failed my push press at 40 kg.  I'm not unhappy with that.  As per normal, my split distance in the jerk reduced so it was pretty much a push jerk but it wasn't nearly as bad as it normally is and I felt more stable.

We then had a finisher of:

3 rounds for time

100 double unders
21 v ups
15 burpees
9 push press

I scaled this to:

50 double unders
21 v tucks
and 25 kg push press

I wanted to give up in the WOD, I think I'm just that tired that I didn't have any energy.  My double unders were a struggle as were the push press although the tucks and burpees were okay.  Unfortunately my lack of energy and focus resulted in me not tucking my chin in the push presses and I whacked myself while pushing the barbell up.  It's been awhile since I've done that and it rattled my teeth a little.  Silly rabbit!  Although it didn't hurt that much it was enough to put me into a bad place mentally (I wasn't in the best place to start off with) but I just kept plugging away despite every fibre in me was telling me to quit. 
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