Monday, October 27, 2014

A Comp With My Baby

We had a little in-house comp on the weekend to raise funds for Beyond Blue.  It was a partner competition and I asked my girls if they wanted to partner me.  Moo wasn't overly keen but T jumped on board, especially when she heard that we were dressing up.  The idea was to wear something blue and after a bit of a think about it we found some blue unicorn onesies on Ebay which we couldn't pass up.

It was a fun day.  The onesies didn't last long as it was so hot.  The workouts had suggested weights and if you didn't RXd you couldn't get into the finals (basically your score didn't count).  There is no way Missy T could do RX'd and the whole idea of this was that we were doing it for fun.  Jardan scaled us to perfection so that the WODs were tough but doable and it was good to have little rests while T did her thing.  I did the first workout as prescribed and T had a 4 kg kettlebell, the second workout Jardan had set me up with a 25 kg bar and 4 kg wall ball while T had a volleyball and dumbbells as her scaling plus she skipped instead of doing double unders.  I don't know what our scores were nor do I really care.  To keep in the spirit of the competition I no-repped my wall balls that weren't up to par as my counter had to run from T to where I was at the wall and she missed them.  Overall it was a great day, I wish I was more competitive and did it RX'd (I don't mind that T had to scale) but at the same time I was glad that it was like another day at the gym with no pressure to do a certain weight.  I wish I pushed myself a little harder and got more reps out but, really, I did my best on the day AND it was just for fun!
The WODs

Team Unicorn

Jardan laying down the law

I hate lateral burpees

Miss Kafoops swinging a kettlebell

A2G Squats

The onesie got a bit much.

2 WODs completed and still smiling

The Unicorns

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