Thursday, October 02, 2014


A little while ago the crew at CFG created a chalk board for the member to write up our goals.  I wrote 2 up there:

1. Handstands
2. 100 kg deadlift

When I achieved my deadlift goal I replaced it with a 60 kg back squat.  It has been months and months since I wrote this up.  I had gotten a 57.5 kg back squat in December last year but when I last went for my 1RM I only got to 55 kg.  Last night at weightlifting I was determined to get 60 kg ... it was time to go after that goal.

I was feeling really tired yesterday and I had considered giving weightlifting a miss but because it is a public holiday on Monday and therefore no class so I decided to go last night.  We worked on our power snatch.  I got to a weight of 27.5 kg and, as per normal, just muscled the weight up there.  We then moved onto clean and jerks.  Shane asked me my 1RM and when I told him he basically said that I should be capable of lifting more than that particularly after seeing me muscle snatch 27.5 kg.  I got to 37.5 kg and surprise, surprise I power cleaned it and then strict pressed it up there.  I don't know why I do that.  I don't think I fear getting the weight overhead but maybe I just don't trust myself to do the movement properly.  Explosive movements exhaust me and perhaps I just get tired and revert to what is comfortable for me.  I wish I could figure it out.

We moved onto back squats and although my legs were still sore from Monday's workouts my squats felt pretty good.  I tried to focus on keeping my knees out and drive from my heels.  I did 52.5 and 55 kg with relative ease.  I asked Matt to spot me for my 57.5 kg and, again, it felt good (not easy but comfortable in a tough way) and I thought, "no time like the present" and chucked on some more weight.  Again, it was not easy but it felt solid.  I wanted to keep going until I failed but simply run out of time.  It takes me a few lifts to get to my 1RM, I'm the sort of person who has to sneak up on a heavy weight by starting quite low and then working slowly to heavy.  I've noticed that this works for me and I've had the best success with doing that but I often run out of time.

Now I can rub that goal out on our "Dream and Achieve" board and replace it with something else or maybe just work on those darn handstands so I can finally remove that as well.
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