Monday, November 24, 2014

Color Vibe

Yesterday we went down to Bundy to participate in the Color Vibe.  A colour run has been on my to-do list for some time because it looks like so much fun so as soon as I saw one in the region I signed myself and my girls up.

The whole thing was a blast ... lots of upbeat music and dancing.  As a warm up we did some Zumba and at about the second song in I realised that I couldn't do that as my form of fitness ... it's just not my cup of tea but it was still fun.

We got covered in colour as well as water (which was nice as it was so hot on the weekend).  At one point they had run out of colour at one of the stations so T and I rolled on the ground to get covered.

Even though it was only 5 km, the girls and I were exhausted by the end and were happy to go home after the colour throw at the finish line.  All I wanted was a shower!

I would definitely do it again because it was such fun.

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