Wednesday, November 26, 2014

F*** The Scales

Last week I weighed myself and was shocked.  I am over 10 kg heavier than my competition weight (not that that concerns me as I was terribly underweight then) but I'm also 5 kg heavier than my 12wbt weight.  My clothes no longer fit me well and I am wearing more dresses and skirts as I have room to move in them ... my shorts feel too tight.

I feel fat and frumpy.  And then I took some photos of some shorts that I wear to the gym as we were discussing what we like to wear in a FB group.

Okay, so my belly isn't as flat as it used to be but, you know what, I look pretty darn good!  I can deadlift 100 kg, I can throw 40 kg over my head, I can do strict pull ups and ring dips.  I'm not the strongest nor the fittest but the changes I've made in the last few years both physically and mentally have been amazing.

My decision has been to say, "f*ck the scales!"

"And f*ck my old shorts and pants, I'm going to buy some that fit my squatters arse."

I love my crossfitters body.  I love my strong legs, my bubble butt and my chunky traps.  I love that I eat all the food.  That's worth a whole lot more than stressing about 5 kg.
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