Thursday, December 04, 2014

Hoping This Helps

I've been attacked by an octopus!
I finally went for some treatment on my back.  The lady I went to did a mixture of massage, cupping and acupuncture and as you can see from the above photo she did some cupping on my back.  I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this procedure and am hoping that it will settle in the next few days as I just feel sore and sorry for myself today, the day after getting it done.

The depressing part for me was that she basically said that due to my size I'm going to continue to have issues with my back.  While I understand where she is coming from (I don't have a lot of muscle due to my waist and back being quite narrow) but do I have to accept it?  Nah!  I think working more on my mobility as well as core strength will help.  I already know that I will never be strong, I know that for me to movements like overhead squats and snatches I need to a LOT of mobility to allow my back to get into those positions but I refuse to accept that it is impossible.
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