Thursday, January 29, 2015

Slow Progress Is Better Than No Progress, Isn't it?

My back is still playing up.  The physio has said that my outer muscles are so tight because those tiny core muscles are doing their job and I need to work on strengthening them up.  In the meantime I'm doing loads of rolling and stretching as well as modifying where I can.  It is so frustrating that I can't lift anywhere near where I was before (and I'm not a strong person even on a good day)!

The test for me today was the sumo deadlift high pull, mainly the high pull component as it seems to use a lot of back muscles when I come through to the high pull similar to a kettlebell swing.  From what I've noticed, I tend to have problems with fast, explosive movements that are generated from my hips.  I got to 22.5 kg which is 17.5 kg off my 3 rep max but the positive for me is that I would not have even contemplated the movement last week.

We finished with a little WOD of:

42 double unders
21 box jump

I chose to do sumo deadlifts with the kettlebell.

The highlight for me was that I got a PB of 37 for my double unders!  They have been a little off lately so it was nice to finally find my groove again.  The funny thing is that when I got close to my previous PB I got a bit excited and I think that's when I messed up.  Nevermind, it was nice to make an improvement even if it was small.

Date Double Unders
2/08/2012 1
31/05/2013 12
24/07/2013 22
5/11/2013 28
3/03/2014 30
8/07/2014 36
29/01/2015 37

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