Tuesday, March 03, 2015


This is the Open WOD 15.1.  I was stoked when I saw it as I knew I could register a score even if it was just the toes-to-bar.  I had to do this one early as I was heading away for the weekend.  I have been ordered by the physio to not do any major lifts so my plan was to do the toes-to-bar, maybe do the deadlift and then change the workout from there.  I would then do the clean and jerk at a low weight.

I spoke to my coaches prior to the workout and came up with a plan.  I would do 1 round of t2b and deadlifts, change the snatches to push press from there I would continue with t2b, single leg deadlift with the kettlebell to work on my glutes and stabilizers and push press.  I was happy to get 83 reps all up with 25 of those as my registered score.

I then went onto my clean and jerk and finished with a weight of 32.5 kg.  I was in a lot of pain at the end.  I didn't realise how much toes to bar uses the hips and glutes, I guess I should as it uses the kipping motion.  The deadlifts hurt ... a lot and I was doing them in single.  The single leg ones were fine.  The clean and jerk was painful as well.  I was finding it hard to move afterwards.  The plan is to rest again for the rest of this week and only go in if the workout is okay.  I'll head in this afternoon as it is strict press and push press with Annie as a finisher.

Individual Masters 40 – 45
World Australian World Australian
Week 1 50883 3735 4610 376
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