Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fight Gone Bad

It has been awhile since we have done this one individually.  I know we have done versions of it and we have also done it as part of a team but I don't have many records of having done it in a very long time.  I actually quite enjoy Fight Gone Bad, it is really tough but the cycles seem like they go quickly.

I decided to go with the 4 kg wall ball again just because I wasn't sure how I would go with the 6 kg.  I think I need to progress to the 6 kg one when we have a workout with a smaller number of reps.  I also chose to RXd the sumo deadlift high pulls and push press.  My box jumps was 2 x 20kg plates + 1 x 10kg plate which is higher than I did last time.  They felt pretty good and I think I need to increase my height.

My final score was slightly less than my previous attempt but I increased my weight by 10 kg as well as increased my box jump height so I'm pretty happy with my result.

Date Reps Wall Ball SDHP Box Jump Push Press
2/02/2013 222 4 15 7 15
19/08/2015 215 4 25 8 25

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