Monday, August 17, 2015


This seem a favourite in our programming as we do it on a fairly regular basis.  Personally, I'm not a fan but I think it is because I had a bad experience previously which has been permanently etched into my brain.  I had to push myself to go today.

Part A was an EMOM of 5 front squats.  I went fairly light today and tried to work on my squat technique.  It has been noticed that I favour my right side when squatting as my hip flexors are very tight (the joys of having a desk job).  I am working on my mobility as well as getting massages but I also need to train my body to squat evenly.  I started the workout at 25 kg and increased my weight every 3 minutes finishing at 32.5 kg.

Part B was Jackie.  I can safely say that I wasn't looking forward to the row and thrusters after Part A but I was reasonably happy with how I went.  Rowing is not my forte but I tried to maintain a consistent stroke rate.  I broke the thrusters into sets of 10 until I got to 30 reps and then broke them into 5's.  I tried to minimise my rests but I think this is something I can continue to improve.

I hadn't recorded my last attempt at this WOD into my phone therefore I had an old time and scaling to go off.  I chose to use the purple band with my pull ups not realising that we did this WOD a few months ago and I did an orange band that time.  The pull ups felt okay, I know I wasn't getting into the superman position particularly well as I have mobility issues in my back and shoulders and my forearms tightened up as they are doing everytime I do pull ups which affects my grip.

I finished the WOD nearly 50 seconds faster than my last attempt with the same scaling.  Got to be happy with that!

Date Time Thruster Weight (kg) Pull up Option
19/01/2013 13:22 15 Green band
14/06/2013 12:57 15 Purple band
11/05/2015 14:06 15 Orange band
17/08/2015 12:08 15 Purple band
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