Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Today was Isabel.  Prior to the workout we worked on our snatch technique and then working up to a heavy 1RM.  I find snatches tough.  I struggle with back and shoulder mobility and, as with the OHS, I can't get into the squat snatch position well.  I was happy to be able to get into the squat snatch at a lower weight but as soon as it got a little heavy I had to power snatch.

We then went onto Isabel.  I looked up my previous score and decided to stick with the same weight and try to beat my time.  As with all benchmarks I was very nervous before we had to start but was fine once I got into it.  I tried to stick to sets of 10.  I have to work on catching in a partial squat.

Date Snatch Time
30/01/2014 20 2:13
24/08/2015 20 1:52

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