Friday, August 14, 2015

Strict Lynne

I think Lynne is up there with my favourite girl benchmark WODs, I think it is because it is just lifting weights to failure.  Simple.  No fancy movements.

Today we had a choice of doing Lynne or Strict Lynne.  One is 5 rounds of max benchpress followed by max pull ups, the latter is 5 rounds of strict press followed by strict pull ups.  I have data on both and wasn't sure which one to do, after chatting with Tia we decided to go with Strict Lynne as I'm still having some issues with my back/hip flexors and the kip involves getting into the superman position and hollow rock.  I don't mind working on my strict pull ups as that builds that base strength in my shoulders and lats.

Date Score Strict Press Weight (kg) Pull Ups
3/12/2013 107 20 Orange
14/08/2015 94 20 Red

I decided to keep my strict press weight the same as I have a tendency to sway my back when I start to fatigue so I felt it would be best to stick to 20kg and maintain good form throughout the 5 rounds.  I went with a harder scaling for my pull ups.

I'm fairly happy with this workout even though there was my score was less.  I was consistently around 10 reps for my strict press and my pull ups were between 7 and 10 reps.  It only calculates to 2.6 reps per round less than my previous attempt.

We then had to do a 3.2 km run or row as a finisher.  I'm not a huge fan of either running or rowing but chose running instead.  Surprisingly I actually didn't mind the run this morning.  I wonder if it is because I was the only one doing it today (the other 2 people chose to row) so I could just set my own pace and just get it done.  Overall a good day in the gym.
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