Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 Regionals Chipper Workout

Date Run (km) OHS and SDHP kg OHS Reps Sit Up Scaling Sit up reps
3/06/2015 1.6 10 33 Ab mat 100
21/09/2015 1.6 10 50 Ab mat 100
Date Double Unders Reps SDHP Reps Box Jump Height Box Jump Reps Total Reps
3/06/2015 150 11     295.6
21/09/2015 150 50 16 99 450.6

It would be fair to say that I wasn't looking forward to this workout this morning.  Last time I did this I really struggled with the OHS, to the point where Tia suggested I just move onto the next exercise as my form was being compromised.  I finished the WOD only getting to the sumo deadlift high pulls.

I'm really happy with my progress.  The run was really good.  I managed to keep the other girls in my sights the whole time (normally I'm left for dead).  I felt like this was a big deal for me as I'm a very slow runner.

I chose to use a box to help me with my OHS form but perhaps the 16" box was a little too high as the overhead squats weren't too taxing.  I was stoked to do all 50 reps though!

I kept the same scaling for the sit ups as there is no way I would be able to do 100 GHD sit ups.  This section actually felt like a bit of a rest period and I didn't mind just trying to keep a reasonable pace.

I got a good run at the start of my double unders and then they went to shit.  I tried not to get frustrated and took the time to get my breath back but this is what slowed me down the most.  Anytime I had made up during the OHS and sit ups I lost it and then some in the double unders.

The sumo deadlift high pulls were pretty easy with the very light weight I was using.  My forearms were the limiting factor and I found I had to loosen my grip on the bar to try and give them a rest.  My forearms have been very tight lately.  As with the OHS I tried to do sets of 10.

I hadn't set up plates for my box jumps as I didn't really think I would get to it.  I chose to do step ups on the 16" box.  This was another one where I could just switch off and try and maintain a pace.

We had a 30 min cut off and I missed it by 1 rep.  So frustrating!!!  Of course, my brain went to the areas where I should have done better ... the rest breaks that I took that I didn't need.  The double unders let me down.  I think I could have finished it if I was able to string more together.  All that aside, I'm still happy with how much I improved since June.

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