Monday, September 28, 2015


Meh, not a fan of Fran.  Tia didn't post the workout yesterday and with good reason ... I wouldn't have shown up if I knew it was Fran.

Today was a little different though.  We had to get the 21s done in 2:30, the 15s done in 2 min and the 9s done in 1 (I think).  It was pretty good as it made me think about my breaks and I tried to minimise them.  I still broke a little too often, particularly in the pull ups, and didn't get any of the workout done in the time frames but Tia also wanted us to push our scaling too.  Myself and another girl don't tend to back ourselves with regards to our workouts and scale back a bit too much.

Date Time Thruster Weight (kg) Pull up Option
19/09/2012 4:20 (reps 15, 12, 9) 15 Blue Band
21/12/2012 8:50 17.5 Green Band
27/05/2013 7:20 15 Orange Band
13/01/2014 8:13 22.5 Orange Band
22/07/2014 9:03 27.5 Orange Band
6/11/2014 10:02 27.5 Red Band
3/02/2015 10:30 10 Unassisted
28/09/2015 8:46 25 Orange Band

I went a bit lower in my weight than last time as I wanted to make the time cap and also scaled my pull ups.  Not my best effort but I am quite tired today after a hectic weekend of running the kids around.  I'm not overly disappointed.
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