Friday, November 30, 2007

Be Afraid!

I'm not one to use PMS as an excuse. Its easy to act like a total bitch and then play the hormone card. It also bugs me when a woman gets upset and others blame PMS. As I said I don't like using it but I have been suffering from it all week. Its funny how the smallest things will annoy the hell out of me; Moo's incessant talking and obnoxius loud noises she likes to make, Missy T's continual go-slow mode (particularly when running late). Normally I can let it slide but this week its grating on me.

Liz has given me a couple of rest days this week and I have enjoyed the break. She gave me a doozy of a workout yesterday and it seemed to improve my mood greatly. It was nice to get out in the fresh air rather than working out at the gym. I had a few spectators while doing my hill sprint, nothing like a bunch of people sitting on their verandah watching you run up and down hill several times!
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